Saturday, December 3, 2016

Easy Pizza

Home alone, how about Pizza?

Here's how you can have home made
Pizza in a flash. I packed this in the fridge. the night before. It's fun to do this with your child just before retiring for the night.
1.soft Tortilla shells in sandwich bags
2.favorite shredded cheese
3.Vegetables, pepperoni and bacon bits or cooked crumbled sausage or ground beef in a container or baggies
4.a container of pizza sauce or refried beans
5.Here are the directions I left my two children 10 and 13. Using a toaster oven is Ideal, but a conventional oven works just the same. Just be sure to use oven mits and have a cleared off area, to place the hot pizza tray after the pizza comes out of the oven. Plan ahead saves time and keeps you it's more fun.

How to make pizza safely make sure you have all your tools ready on the counter where you are cooking .
* Oven mitts and pot holders to place the tray when the pizza is done.
* A sponge or paper towel to wipe up spills
* Plates
*Spatula to move the pizza to the plates.

1.Take the cooking tray out of the toaster oven
2.Turn on the toaster oven to pizza setting(350)
3.Take out all the ingredients I left for you.
4.Place tortillas on tray
5.Spread on thin layer of sauce or refried beans
6.Top with favorite toppings
7.Open oven and carefully place tray onto the shelf.
8. close the door and push the timer button. I already have set for the exact time...10 min. Set your watch if you have to leave the room for some reason. It's best to stay in the kitchen.
9. When the pizza smells toasty and cheesy all the smells come to your nose, check it even if the timer hasn't sounded...flick on the light and check it...Look at your timer and see how much time is left. If the cheese is all bubbly and everything's browned and looks good take it out if not. Just keep an eye out for it until the timer goes off or it gets to that point...
10 Once the pizzas are done. put on an oven mits and carefully slide the shelf out and then remove the pizza tray. Taking care not to touch the heating elements in the oven.

Set the tray on a oven mitts or stove top to cool a bit.
Set out your plates and enjoy.