Saturday, July 30, 2016

Strawberry Mango Bliss


Good Morning, 
Today I still had half of my mango and strawberry ices. So I made a bit of granola to go in it...thus the spoon. I'm going to need a straw too. Do you eat your mint? I do. It's growing like crazy, why not eat it?

Mango smoothie recipe

Peel & Chop 2 mangos.
Freeze 2 mangos.
I let them mine soften just a tad because my freezer is crazy cold...
Blitz in the blender or food processor until smooth.
 Serves 2  greedy mango lovers

Loving Body Benefits of
  Mango, Strawberry and Mint

Mango  Boost your immune system,  some B6,  Eye and Skin Care and beat the heat back with it's natural cooling effects. 

Strawberry Wrinkle preventative? who knew, antioxidant and more, so much more.

Mint If breath freshener isn't enough benefit...??  This little gift helps your digestion, gives boost of iron and making almost any smoothie taste way more palatable. After Thyme it's my favorite herb.

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